Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day [15.05.2008 & 16.05.2008]

Today is Teacher's Day,
we didnt sleep and overnight at sch.
Got sleep for around 30 mins?

The banner we do til 5 something only done.
is 5 something AM but not PM.
my eye wanna close dee laa.
i also deno what to write about.
Because i also blur blur dee.
deno what happen and forget dee also.

we see the banner hang on it.
Its sux.
damn ugly.
i feel the small banner better.
Guess we should do the big banner at first.
so that big banner will more nicer.
big banner still wanna hang around 1 week.
Oh My!

and the opening ceremony done so well!
i like it.
when teacher throw a count into the candy house.
the candy house open and have colourful ribbon and have a smiley balloon fly out.
yeng nya!
i love it i love it i really love it!
soo geng luu they all.
i feel quite hurt lu.
cause banner really sux.
and i feel that,
committee didnt put too much effort on banner.
no need care one laa like that.

after all thing,
we all form 4 went to dk and sleeeeeeeeeep.
all didn't sleep.
then when my dear came i also like blur blur what also deno like that.
he sit beside me ler.
i wake thn he juz keep looking at me.
he not tired ler.
so geng one.
not sleepy at all.
i tak boleh tahan.
even he's there i still sleep.

tired siaa.
then we can go back luu.
me, tong and puiyi eat mum mum at chicken rice.
he cannot join us er.
too many LM members there.
he eat alone.
so pity siaa.
after that,
he follow us go TTC tuition centre lu.
we rest there.
he also accompany me there lu.

then back home, i call him for a short talk.
then i go sleep luu.

- the candy house & 2 banner.

- our banner.

- the candy house.

- the mascot with our big banner.

- opening ceremony smiley face, wei jie & jun yang.

- by kellye tan

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