Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Today *\\30.05.2008//*

Today went to sch,
wanna take out our banner and some stuff.
Tot wanna go early and take pics with candy house and mascot.

But then sister duwan wake.
so that i need to wait for my mom.
then wanna go here go there.
go petrol station somore.

reach sch,
jared haven reach yet.
i called him and he is still sleeping!
he is not gonna going to sch.
mean d banner group only me.

and they are packing the candy house!
oh my dear,
i wanna take pics man!~
its too late~
no more.
sobs. im quite frustrated with my sister because she didnt wake up!
arhh, dushh!

i didnt do anything there.
only take pics for d process the packing the candy house.
im quite hurt because i really wanna take pics one ner.
its okay.
i'll only take pics there.

after about 20 minutes,
me and my dear take bus and went to sunway.
we meet pei ling at red box.
then we sing.
damn it,
all slow song ler.
im gonna sleep deee.

i like high,
song that use to shout.
those slow song.
its okay lu if some.
all also slow.
really gonna oioi dee.

then mathieu, jun yong they all also got come.
ee theng too.
for a while only.
then they come in,
my dear stop singing dee.
he's shy.
sooo cute!

we still went to watch movie.
all couple sit.
me and my dear,
pei ling with zi mei, and mathieu with jun yong.
they sit on top my seats.
we watch ' what happen in vegas'.
i guess d movie name is this?
something like this laa. haiyo.
im very tired there.
i didnt watch much.
i sleep there.
can you borrow me ur shoulder pls?

well, around 5pm,
the movie haven end,
my dear need to go.
he still have to go his uncle house to have deno what meeting there.
after all,
pei ling come and couple with me.
she sit with me.
after that,
we went to mum mum at gasoline again.

then we went to mv with his sis bf's car.
reach there.
me, pei ling and zi mei juz shopping around.
and have some juices.
after that,
we went to KFC eat chicken.
long time didnt eat,
suddenly have the feeling wanna eat luu.

after everything,
pei ling's parents fetch me back home.
tired tired but happie and sweet moment i have.
i love you!

- they're so busy. im d only one who do nothing.

- our banner take out dee lu.

- d candy house roof juz like a blanket. =p

- do u saw smoke? xD

- he capture me, so i capture him back! xD

-by kellye tan

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