Monday, May 5, 2008

My Today [4.05.2008]

me, my sister, mami and daddy went to Genting.
got dinner there.

I reached Genting,
first thing i saw is what?
Its LOBAK..!
happy nya.
then me and sister and mami went to shopping.
I quite hurt lu that time.
Nobody cares me.
throw me there.

then we went to dinner centre.
i sms because nobody talk with me.
then mami scold me sms,
beside is my sister.
she also sms but mami didnt scold.
i damn hurt!

then they keep say something sarcastic.
keep hurting me.
say what if i no sch tmr then got 2 rooms to sleep.
keep say something hurting.
if feel i so disturbing then just dun ask me go.
i think if im at home,
watching movie i will feel more comfortable!
and my tears were coming out.
id my dear is with me, at least he will borrow me his shoulder.
but they wont!

even while delisious dishes i also feel that's no taste.
i eat with my down mood.
and say real,
i not really happy.
i tot we can really enjoy family life there.
but now,
i think i prefer follow my friends there.
at least i enjoy.

- by kellye tan

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