Friday, September 30, 2011

| 30092011 | * TeckSeang's Birthday Celebration.

class as usual. 4 of ze girls went to college together. everyone is tired and sleepy. class end then straight away go home and take a nap. i've abit not feeling well. 

6pm, woke up after nap. then shower and meet teckseang and puiyi at my house. lililala until 730pm, we out from house to XO Shabu Shabu at Puchong. today, we're gonna celebrate teckseang's birthday together with puiyi, amanda, schumann, wenhui and alvin. 

after our dinner at XO Shabu Shabu. second round of course OverTime at Puchong as well. drink beer and cut ze cake there. and we met seehui as well. there's also free a flaming lambo for ze birthday boy. its very fun and high. teckseang is kinda drunk and schumann also kinda drowsy .__. 

then, puiyi and teckseang back to mua house and overnight. i dedicate my lovely bed for teckseang because he's drunk and slept on my lovely bed .__. then me and puiyi sleeping on sofa and floor.

anyways, great night people because its Friday! =)

- time for beeeeeer.

- its flaming lambo; dont pray pray ahh.


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