Saturday, September 24, 2011

| 24092011 | * F&N Fun Fiesta 2011.

today im gonna work with puiyi, chian, jiayong and puiyi's cousin sister. opps and also other friends in Bukit Bintang. we work for ze F&N Fun Fiesta. this is my first outdoor event job and its awesome and fun! although its very very tired.

well, 2pm only we start our job. we lepak here and there and we also get free own design shirt for working. so cool!

me and puiyi's job is doing sales. well normally i heard sales i really got feddup. but this one, i got no feelings. because its F&N! its famous enough, why am i worry about my sales? and the event is so big, im sure that's alot of people here! and what i hope is very busy, because time will pass faster :p

10pm, chian sent puiyi's cousin sister and drop us at Subang. then i sent puiyi home. thanks chian for driving us :)

- ready to go out.

- puiyi and me.

- jiayong and me.

- puiyi, kayan and me.

- chian and me.

- our shirt

- tag :)

- hello :p

- we're sleeping

- while we're waiting for their set up.

- our working place :3

- us :)


Huhhh, tired.


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