Tuesday, September 20, 2011

| 20092011 | * My Car Has Injured.

its tuesday! class as usual, end classes earlier than other days. after class, went one utama with yilin. we wore pretty pretty, went there walk walk and to buy korean foods and snacks because its having some korean food fair.

as usual, had Thai food as our lunch. after that i've bought the korean honey orange drinks. it cost me RM30+. then we also enter Jusco and bought maggie and snacks. and... i got back my Nokia E72 finally! its been a month. teeheee!

btw, we lost in one utama .____. walk until leg damn tired, we wearing high heels samo .__. well, 4 something, we left and ent yilin home. then i back to ma house.

FYI, today my car..... T.T kena something like fireworks like that. on the way back from one utama, there's a bridge and i guess they having some maintenance or construction, something like fireworks one dot drop in front of my car, scared me! and it became rust. AHHH MY CAR! :'(

- kellye and yilin in ze house!


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LuPorTi said...

Looks like you were so unluckiy.