Friday, September 2, 2011

| 02092011 | * A Meaningful Day.

Wellllllll, today help mami do her things. Also part of mine included in it. Thankieuuu Puiyi accompanied me to Tesco if not im gonna mad! What i need to buy today?

x10 eggs
x10 soda biscuits
x4 big size milo powder
x3 nescafe 2 in 1


Dont believe?
here's the evidence!!

Can you see that?! We use 2 trolley weihhh and limited time,
like between half an hours we bought all these :S
rush like hell.
no choice, 受人所托.

But anyways, thankiew Puiyi for helping,
i represent those who receive all these stuffs say thanks to you too.
not mean that you didnt do anything,
you spend your time and energy to complete the job.
thankyou =)



Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow, why need so much eggs, soda cracker and milo? :O

Kellye Tan said...

Yup! Bought for the old peoples! :D