Wednesday, September 7, 2011

| 07092011 | * Dinner in Kajang :]

a Wednesday class as usual. after class, had Face to Face panmee as mua lunch with puiyi and teckseang. after that, sent them home :)

home and rest a while. then Joseph came and pick me up. we are going to Kajang for dinner! since he's back yeaaaa? ;) we're there together with Sha and ZhengYi.

enjoy our western food over there and planned to go for satay after that. but we're too full =x therefore, we changed our plan to... Wing's Cafe! ;)

around 9pm, we reached Wing's Cafe and yamchaaaa, play cards. lagi got punishment one, so damn dangerous. =/ besides, we met many people there .__. AlexanderUng, JiaZhen, Julius... and met up CheeYang ;)

late midnight then, Joseph sent me home :)

tata Joseph ;(


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