Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Hello :)

it's korean exam today. OMG im so scare and so nervous! some more what else? my sixta went overseas and im alone! this is more serious than scary, i have to take exam alone :'(

before that, we were doing survey in college and starbucks. 630pm, we left and i went to class alone :'( btw, guess what? i got 100% for exam! YAY! so happy and unexpected! :D

9pm, went starbucks and continue assignment with chian. then we had our dinner at Da Sa Rang the korean cuisine. finally you got the chance to eat that! :)

11pm, we left. it's a tiring day! =/

btw, at the same time, i got my very first saman! OMG i forgot to pay parking WHATTHEHELL. thanks alot .__. i should smile or i should cry -.-

- teehee

- huhu

- certificate.



LuPorTi said...

Wow. Congratulation for your Korean exam.

Kellye Tan said...

Thanks! Hehehe :D