Thursday, September 15, 2011

| 15092011 | * My First GCB.

im tired today. i dont really have mood today. i kinda easily get angry and mang zang today. i cant find parking, i late for class and dot dot dot dot dot. btw, i request mua friends to eat Mc Donald's today. WTH. and this is my first time to eat GCB, yumyum.

4pm, i sent TeckSeang home. then PuiYi, Chian and WingWing came to mua house. we watched movie, chatting craps and took nap as well.

730pm, we out to pasar malam. this is their first time to go OUG pasar malam, i brought them there, so proud :p but too bad, at 9 something, its raining and we have to leave. =/

JENGJENG! my first GCB :p



LuPorTi said...

GCB is nice right? I like it so much since I first eating it. But it's kinda not cheap.

Kellye Tan said...

NICE! but that's the first time i eat and only one. Now no more already right? O.o

LuPorTi said...

Oh? No more already ke?

Kellye Tan said...

not sure eeee. i seldom go fast food restaurant der. so im not sure. hehehehe.

LuPorTi said...

Okay. Next time I go Mcd, I will notice whether is it still available. Hehe.