Thursday, September 29, 2011

| 29092011 | * Happy Birthday TeckSeang!

Happy Birthday Noob Teck Seang!

well, we know each other for like.. 4 years? but you are still the same. so noob! always look like a small kids. wuiii, old already lorr. be mature abit okayys. well next time when im not in Malaysia, of course i will miss you as well. you know how much i love you also kan? hahahah. anyway, all the best and happy birthday! 


its TeckSeang's birthday but we're not gonna celebrate for him today because everyone is busy. i have korean class and assignments x( 

after mua korean class. chian and puiyi entered my car. then fetch yilin at her house and dropped puiyi back to her house. and then we go home. after that huibin came. today, chian, yilin and huibin overnight at my house and do assignment together. i wonder how long we didnt gather together like this. oh the feeling is so warm and sweet  :)

we did our assignments until 4am only sleep. and the big problem is we have to wake at around 6am. goodluck =p


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