Monday, June 14, 2010

My Today *\\14.06.2010//*

eat breakfast with chian and Bii and having class as usual.
went to old kawan while we're having break and sleep for an hour on the sofa because all of us very tired.

then our class till 4pm and stay back and meet teckseang and chat in tastebuds.
Bii came and meet me up and wait till yilin back.
then fetch teckseang to pyramid and then we also went popular to buy something.
Bii gave me a lobak lobak!
thankyou Bii!

after tat,
met michael and Bii der friends and went sungai way to eat dinner because of his birthday.
i very scare,
very nervous and very tired.

after eating,
went back puchong area and have some sweet talks in car,
and then went back LCS to play pool.
late at night,
Bii sent me home.

- what am i copying actually?

- law class we're actually just doing whatever we want. -.-"

- waaaaa, lobak from Bii. xD

- I super in love with this picture! :D

- by kellyetan

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