Monday, June 7, 2010

My Today *\\07.06.2010//*

human communication class,
having class as usual.

skipped journalism class and went old kawan to study, sleep and online.
because the next class,
and it's test later.

dear chian went there sleep because she's too tired.
i also met deong and his friend a while to gave him something.

went to law class for test.
OMG the test is so sux.
i copy but well,
i dont know what am i copying actually.
i dont know ANYTHING about law.

after that,
class end and went tastebuds with dear,
met daniel also.
then we went to eat pizza hut,
daniel treat nehh.
and we met deong also.
after that,
they leave and i accompany deong go eat dinner,
then went home and shower,
then good night!

- obviously i'm crazy. xD

- this is my test paper before i pass up. -.-

- =(

- in pizza hut. =)

- by kellyetan

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