Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Today *\\05.06.2010//*

woke up very early in the morning,
went Ampang to listen some briefing about the treasure hunt.
my baba, mami, sister and me participating,
of course there's still a lot people more.
around 7.30pm,
start our treasure hunt and hunt until Kuantan.
they also provide us lunch box and mineral waters.

* hunt hunt hunt *

finally end,
went back to the hotel shower and sleep.
what the fish?
digi no line.
and wifi only having in lobby.
what the?
and their bathroom so dirty,
their shower gel is yellowish in colour.

luckily sister did bring our own shower soap,
and know what?
i forget bring my tooth brush.
i think i have to brush with my fingers.

i stole my baba's phone to sms with my dears.
cause you know,
i can't live without my dears.

at night,
dinner and giving out the gifts to the winners.
we got number 20 something and got a table fan.
dinner ends,
bring my laptop to lobby thought of wanna online,
but on for only 10 minutes,
because of some reason.
then went to pool with my sister,
the pool ahh!
small and seriously OHMYGOD!
i totally speechless.
and there is a place that have a lot of butterflies!
hot and humid too.

i dont wanna stay here.
here is so scary,
i just wanna leave here,
it's torturing me.

- our number. =)

- still sleepy?

- kell and joyce.

- rainny day.

sorry for the supeeeeeeeeeer late update,
was busy!

- by kellyetan

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