Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Today *\\12.06.2010//*

woke up and ate fried rice with chian and yilin.
and OMG why cant online?!
perhaps heavy rain and my dears leave because raining.
house no electric.
for 2 hours something.
i sleep on the floor and do nothing!
i am so hot and dying.

finally 5 something,
my beloved electricity is back.
i quickly start my assignment and eat and assignment.
whole day assignment,
even my sister date me out to Malacca tomorrow but im not going also.,
but OMG my heart is feel like going.
she even help me to do the second assignment because of want me go weih.
but at last im not going also because i seriously have a lot of things to do.
and then,
i sleep late at late midnight again.

- dear chian help me clean off my color on my nail. ;)

- by kellyetan

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