Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Today *\\02.06.2010//*

it's second day of June!
well days are going on,
we left not much time of doing our stuff.

breakfast with friends.
and late for law class, again.
well she have to used of it.

the last 10 or 20 minutes for the law class and i fall asleep.
then the next class was human communication,
i continue sleep on table for around 1 hour.
and break time,
my dear chian woke me up.
walk to toilet and somewhere else,
and my mind is still non-stop dreaming yet blur blur.

besides that,
went nearby AC and bought some food to eat,
because we're all hungry.
and some more i'm staying until 4pm for meeting.

journalism class was doing nothing much.
chatting around?
then finally class dismiss and my babes went for badminton and i stay for meeting.
a little bit of not feeling well or blur during meeting.
we cant start out job if the venue is not set yet larhh.
and everything have to settle in 3 weeks time,
it's like assignment weih.

around 3.15pm,
meeting end and i inform my brother see whether he can pick me up or not.
but he was eating at that time.
so i have to wait until 4pm still.

walk all the way to level 6 with stairs.
what the hack i am going to faint!
i need oxygen.
listen music and rest there.
until my brother called and said he was in round about already.
so i walk all the way to level 1 by stairs again.
waiting outside the college.
people smoking..
smoke never mind,
smoke with brainless,
the the smoke they blow through me,
excuse me?!
can you see a cutie carrot standing there?

what i need is oxygen,
not those stupid smoke.

while waiting,
my energy negatively and near to zero.
seriously got no energy,
walk into inti college and have a sit with a i dont know what face.
around 10 minutes,
finally i enter the car.
straight away close my eye sleep.
i no energy.

then went home,
after eat and then sleep.

until now,
i am awake!
my dear chian woke me up.
miss her so much,
with her cutie sound!

still have slightly headache again.

bless me.

- by kellyetan

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Jason said...

take more rest nor lobak tou !!