Friday, June 11, 2010

My Today *\\11.06.2010//*

we have no class today!
but i will still go to college for doing our college work.

went tastebuds meet my dear chian,
then we also went library to help jasonhong to do something on his assignment.
after that because of the hot weather,
we went snowflakes to eat some ice.

then we went back tastebuds again and met yilin.
we start doing our assignment as well.
around 5pm,
deong came and then chian and lam went out.
around 8pm,
deong back home and chian is come back to me again.

did some part of our assignment and we went rack kafe for pool with friends also.
know what?
i win fei i win fei!
because of the Q there brings me nice feeling.

after that,
we went PJ to eat with yaw, sheng, fei, jianvyee, yilin, chian, hong and a guy which is i dont know his name.
many people right?
after that,
we back to yilin's house to get her things,
then they came my house to overnight for assignments.
besides that,
we're hungry in the midnight,
then cook maggie to eat together,
and then,
all look like pig,
after eat then wanna sleep.
why not?
so three of us sleep together!

- snowflakes. ;)

- just playing. =)

- yum yum. =)

- by kellyetan

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