Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Today *\\03.06.2010//*

today seems like a very busy day.
morning class journalism as usual,
busying copy each other's answer,
well we used to do that always.

after that break time,
went Jojo to have our lunch.
after that,
went starbucks to listen some presentation about online tuition.

after that,
we are all late.
i am late for my meeting!
i going for meeting and skipped the library thingy!
i wanna learn how to borrow books weih.
but i went for meeting about the exhibition.

meet my girls and went for law class.
try to catch what she is teaching,
and i realize today i was like whole day very busy,
from morning till the end of the class,
i only text few messages with deong only.
normally we used to keep sms-ing while having classes.

after law classes,
wait for yilin back,
and went sunway pyramid with deong and have dinner with him.
besides that,
we walk walk gai gai nor.
around 9pm,
back to inti and i went home.

- jasontan and me.

- jason tan.

- by kellyetan

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