Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Today *\\3.06.2008//*

well well.
today around 12pm,
i woke up and have a delicious 'breakfast'.
after that,
im ready for everything to go to sunway pyramid convention centre.

electric have new products and invited us to see the new products.
still have dinner and show or anything much more.
i went there with my only beloved sister.
we reach there at around 3 something.
and the actual time was atrt on 3pm to 10pm.

we're late but there's not crowded yet.
there have some foods and fruits, coffee or tea.
after the LM camp,
im always hunger.
i can non-stop eating.
can give an example for today.

when we reach d convention centre.
there have some meehoons and fruits.
i ate for about 4 plates of meehoons,
and also 3 rounds of fruits.
and there's just only in between 3 hours only.
i can eat sooo many things!

after that,
we went to rooms to listen some briefing of new products.
after around half an hour,
we went in the convention room to ready to take our dinner.
ohhh ya!

i forget to mention that,
the MC there is the MY FM mc,
jack lum dak weng!
woooo yeah!

during d dinner,
have some performance and chit chatz.
still have chinese traditional - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam seng!
when we haveing dinner,
we saw lum dak weng is at another room,
we go there and ask for photo~
happie siaaa.
then we have to continue our dinner.

last but not least,
they'll still have lucky draw there.
but we didnt order any new products so we dont have any lucky draw.
cause there's only me and my sister.
the decision of ordering new products is not in our hand yet.

then then,
the dinner is going to end luu.
jack lum dak weng was so so busy.
busy talk with big boss there.

im waiting him ner.
still wanna take pics with him.
then our salesman bring us near by him and take pics with him again!
yeah yeah!
puas hati~
then we went home happily!

- the stage, damn yeng!

- my beloved sis & jack/lum dak weng.

- me me & jack/lum dak weng.

- my sis, me & lum dak weng. :)

- jack is singing~ xD

- kell & sister during dinner.

- kell kell during dinner. :)

- the dinner table. nice er. xD

- im in d convention centre.

- my sis & me in convention centre. :)

- taking pics of samsung backgroung. :)

- the opening ceremony, nicee nicee! xD

-by kellye tan

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