Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Today *\\24.06.2008//*

today went to DK after sch.
then went to Domino's Pizza with dear, amanda, see hui, puiyi, kar soon and yi xuan.
when we reach Domino,
dear suddenly say duwan eat and wanna go back dee.
i quite angry tat time luu.
cause he have badminton match wor. no choice lur.

then we eat eat eat, drink drink drink, chat chat chat nor.
after that yi xuan and kar soon back luu.
after Domino, we went in sch to see my dear play badminton lur.
it's so excited!

- me & my dear.
- another couple, kar soon & yi xuan.
- my darling see hui & me.
- puiyi & me.
- before and after. * yummy yummy**
- me & myself.

- by kellye tan

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