Monday, June 2, 2008

My Today *\\1.06.2008//*

early in the morning,
i have add math seminar at sunway university college.
i go there chitz chatz only.
i didnt listen well.
i also ate the melting biscuit during seminar.
bluff ppl one.
there write that d biscuit will melt in the mouth.
stiff like metals!
i feel about sorry to You Tian nor.
he put a lots of effort on us.
but i didnt listen what he say.
actually he teach very well.
well done you tian.

after seminar,
my baba fetch me back home.
i drink YAKULT.
first time drink that.
i not really dare to drink cause i tot is something like yogurt last time.
as you know,
i dont like yogurt.
but after i take a sip of the yakult drink,
its quite nice.
not bad.
i like it.

after that,
we went to Dai Tong Restaurant to have dinner cause grandma birthday.
went there and eat eat eat only luu.
then we back home and i online til right now midnight.

- the melts biscuits.

- he's serious teaching us.

- yakult =]

- seminar pupils.

- suet ping & kell.

- kell & tong.

- and 3 of us! xD

- by kellye tan

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