Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Today *\\18.06.08//*

dear didnt attend class er.
he go lepak everywhere.
Hmph! Naughty! Dump me alone there.
moening we got met up for a while, then after that i deno how he go out lu.
Haihx, sien ner.

Today my eye weird weird de.
quite painful der.
cannot open big big, tears will keep wanna drop if i open like normal.
so i just close my eye until small small.
like so k yeng like that.

today get seni and sejarah result.
Oh sux man!
my sejarah arhh!!
after that,
science teacher deno what she teaching laa.
always teach like her tongue tie together like tat.

after sch,
stay at sch for a while.
then me, see hui and puiyi go library study and do homework luu.
i got many homewrk do arhh!
then we also went to the baker's cottage mu mum.
besides that,
i miss my honey very muchiiess!

Sejarah - 21% ( last term 43%, drop 22% )
Seni - 52% ( last term 49%, raise 3% )

- by kellye tan

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