Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Today *\\14.06.2008//*

Oh yeah babe!
Finally finally i get back my modem!
My sister bring my modem to shop..
whole day didnt online dee.

yesterday slept at around 4a.m..
what i did?
watch movie~
to replace my last few days study time.

today i woke at around 1p.m..
then i ate my breakfast and vitamins and so on..
i went in my study room and find out what to study and what to memories.
i make notes in a piece of paper with double pages.
i'm getting bored.
look at the clock,
its around 3.45p.m..
can i have a rest until 4p.m?
i went out my study room..
the way i walking,
feel that im getting heavier.
im fat!

i do sit up for around 30+ time.
and after that i went up stair and have some running from kitchen to living room.
i run up stairs and down stairs. up side down.
just to exercise and have some sweat.
then i saw my jumping rope on the rack,
i get it and jump for around 10 minutes.

im totally forget about my study time.
tat time is around 4.05p.m..
i saw my TV surrounded with speaker.
i plug my nokia 5300 in the DVD USB plug and ply the music.
i on the music loud and dance.
move my body and shake it!
i dont know any dancing but just simply shake.
what i want?
i want my sweat get out from my body baybeh!
i dance for around 6 to 7 songs.
keeeeeeeeeeeeep sweating like shit.
tired like mad.

after that,
i sit on a chair and rest.
i've no more strength, i've no more energy left.
im waiting my sweat dry and i went for shower.
dance til i siam dao my waist!
damn painful.
and i've no more mood to continue my study.
i just do my things and rest.
goshiie goshiiee.
very very tiredeeee.

- 3 speakers! ngekz ngekz.

- this is where i dance.

- hot lar after dance.

-by kellye tan

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