Thursday, March 28, 2013

| 28032013 | * Decision.

Good day.
There's something making me feel frustrated and stressed out!
But too bad, I cant find out what is the reason make me feel that.

My mum prefers me to go for Taylors to continue my degree because her friend's children are mostly from there. And she thinks their thinking is wider, they see things differently. And also, qualities are different. She will get what she paid. Maybe? I cant say its a no because I really dont know.

I'm actually waiting for INTI because they will offer Event Management on August. So I'm actually waiting.
But 2 days before, my mum told me she wish I go to Taylor. So I try to find out information fro my friends. And the next day I also requested my sister to have a look there.
Yup, it's very big and I believe I confirm will get lost. But it's kinda okay. I see the students and they making me jealous. I want class, like now.

But in there, they offers Broadcast and also PR & Event Management. I only thought of broadcast. I go home and think again and again. Why not we make it win win situation? I study Taylors and I take the subject I like which is Event Management.

But so sorry, my mum doesnt like Event. Everytime she told me the cons of event management. I kinda disappoint because most of my friends knew that I have passion on event. 

Today, I look at the brochure and compare broadcasting and event management. I realize event management is kinda difficult. I starts to be afraid and look back on broadcast. It's pretty easier. My sister also told me that event has cover some of accounting which I dont like. So, I'm kinda lost half way, like.. hanging there.

Today, and like NOW,
I'm actually decided to go for Broadcast in Taylors.
My mum wins all
The problem now,
I am afraid that I will regret.
I never lie, that is what I really feel.
My heartbeat goes fast whenever I imagine I'm studying,
it might not as bad as what I imagine?
Broadcast is not a field I hate it or difficult?
I still love to do video shooting, video editing and so on.
But my heartbeat goes fast,
I dont know why.
 Is that I'm afraid of regret? Or what else?  
Because I'm afraid of new environment and will lost my direction?
But I already know Chian & Chris were there!

Ohh please tell me why :(



Henry Tan said...

well.. go listen Jesse McCartney.. No stress no stress no stress... =D

and.. dont be afraid of new things or new environment. u need to get out of ur comfort zone.. then u will grow up! =D

Schumann Farn said...

Listen to your heart :)

Yuh Jiun said...

Do what you like :)

Kellye Tan said...

Thanks Henry! Schumann and Yuh Jiun! I've already made my decision! Since my mum gave me the best, so I think I could just follow her. Because its okay for taking broadcast. Thanks for comments! :)