Friday, March 22, 2013

| 22032013 | * Melaka Trip Day I.

I was being excited for this trip since a week ago and finally!
Because it's so happening, so I'll leave it to the photos and tell by caption,
is it alright? (:

Let's begin, with KaiJin's NISSAN TEANA, damn comfy car.

The another car KIA FORTE's driver- Farn Schumann.

Ze darling PuiYi.

Ze driver - KaiJin.

With ze very cool object, to stick phone on ze display. For use in GPS to guide us way.
Thank you, Waze! 

Schumann & PingKee, his girlfee. Same speed, just right beside, take photos and communicate.

First stop : Klebang Original Coconut Milk Shake, my very first time.

Then, we check in to Hotel Johan.

Through the object, and also Waze.

Then, we walk to around Jonker area, take photos.

The mischievous boys in the display train - TeckSeang, ZhiHong, Schumann and KaiJin.

The feminine girls - PuiYi, PingKee, me and HuiLin.

Besides, found this flowers are nice.

Next stop : San Shu Gong in Jonker Street.

Ze PuiYi's boyfee - TeckSeang.

Chubby & Fatty me.









Enjoying the durian cendol.

The boys.

The girls.

Group photo! 4 boys 4 girls, fair enough :)

While walking to Capitol Satay Celup, couples front, singles back.

Hot weather. While waiting for Satay Celup.

Cacang! Capitol Satay Celup! Slrrrrp!

Back to Jonker after this.
Walk their Jonker Walk which only held in weekends.
And there's a show of Master Ho.

I really hate this Master Ho very much. 

Please do not tell me how famous you are.
Stop repeating that you are not selling the product here but you're promoting.
If you are just promoting, why are you selling?
And stop telling me how powerful you are,
you are showing off. I really dislike you.

We have this white shirt gangster and wish you give you a punch.

End up, we left and walk back to the hotel.
Take turns to take bath.
And get ready for the next session - Alcoholic

Bar tender & liquor supplier - Mr Farn.

After that, mask time! all except PingKee because she nose block.

This scary KaiJin.

After mask, sleep time! 8 people can fit in a 4 people's Quad Room. Cool!
Great day.

Blogged, kell.

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