Sunday, March 17, 2013

| 17032013 | * That so-called 'Cousin'

I'm waking up super duper early today!
Yeah, it's 730am,
because of Ching Ming and among the family members,
I'm the earliest one who wakes up.

So fast, just like a blink of eye,
my grandmother has pass away for a month.
Still, I'm not used to it. 
We pray at Sungai Buloh, I guess it's Sungai Buloh,
not really sure because I cant recognize place well T.T
And after that, we went to In House Cafe like-so-again for meal, with some of ze cousins.

The thing that I feel shameful is when the moment we wants to bill,
the 2 useless & so called 'COUSIN' AS UNCLE & AUNTIE,
the first thing they ask, who treat?
I was like, Hello? You're an elder and you're asking your niece and nephew to pay for you?
Are you that poor?
Nevermind, I dont take that as a serious issue.
Then you said, WE SHARE.
I'm going to faint, we felt shame.
Because as a family, do you need to be that calculative? Share?!
End up, my brother says, I'll do the treat.
How generous he is,
compared to that so called uncle & auntie.
I'm mad like WTF.

After that, we leave.
Back to home and sleep.
8pm, I went to Setia Walk to watch movie with mua family - 笑功震武林
The movie ends at 1030pm and we went to IOI Boulevard for meal.
Tian Shiang Hui Wei again,
and back to home.

Blogged, kell.

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