Tuesday, March 26, 2013

| 26032013 | * Movie Day!

Hi day! Gerat day, sleeping early and waking up early without any annoying sound except,
I was shocked and wake up in the middle of night,
5am because of heavy rain and strong thunder.
The problem is I'm sleeping at sofa where next to the glass door.
When the strong thunder gave a flash and the glass moves.
And I'm so scare of thunder like WTF!

I did not go for work today.
Stay at home and do some house work and 5pm,
went out to MidValley with sister & PuiYi for movie.
Sister joined her friend for G.I Joe premiere screening whereas I watch The Croods with PuiYi.

Before that,
we had our dinner at Kiku Zakura.
Oh me love! :)

-In the cinema :D

After movie, we waited my sister at Mc Donalds.
And we ordered Ice Cream! Yoyoyo :D


Cosmetic of the day!
Clinique Foundation Powder
Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
Canmake Pencil Liner
Total Intensity Eyeliner (Glitter Grey)
Maybelline Pure Concealer
Maybelline Flasies Volume Express Mascara
Fake Lashes (Cross Natural)
Daiso Eyelash Glue

Besides that,
I got a good news.
Seriously unbelievable! Nuffnang Blogbuster that I've joined for DiGi Easy Prepaid,
what I created for that video.
It's approved! I cant believe it!
It's so bad condition and ineffective but it was approved and play in my blog!

Can you see DiGi ads in my blog? One is with coffee & parking that cost some price and broadband ads.
And another is 24 hours free daily and a Twitter logo,
please click that "Main Video Sekali" or "Watch Video Again,
and it will show flash that I created!
Mostly in left side column ads.
But get prepare to boo me,
it's really not good.

But anyhow,
I'm so thankful for giving me chance to join and also to play it on my blog!
Vuow, thanks so much! :)


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