Saturday, March 23, 2013

| 23032013 | * Melaka Trip Day II.

Day II in Melaka.

KaiJin with that annoying chick.

Oh ya, that annoying chick is our alarm anyways, 
and the owner is annoying Farn Schumann.

Everyone starts taking bath and packing.
And also take photo.
What they wants to do in the hotel, they can do it and take their final chance to feel the bed.

They gay there.

Some not completely awake driver.

They pose.

And some girls.................

before we leave.

Group Photo! With ze love Stitch & Pooh.

Then, we move on to Jonker Street for breakfast.
And then, in Dataran Pahlawan and everybody seems tired.
Why not we take 3 minutes massage? :D

Then, move on to Port Dickson.
Owyeah beach!
Half way, we stop by Seremban to buy Siu Bao :D

Thank you, KaiJin :)

And, I really like the view.

No boundaries, live freely.

Excited me ^^v

Oh hi beach! :)

My foot with clear sea.

And my footprints with sands.

See what is he doing there.......

Trying to bully him just because he is sleepy.

Dead crab, special you him.

He keep quiet, and I suddenly snap a picture of his face!

He is laughing! HAHAHA.

Then, we bully PuiYi.

Burried the slipper.

Leave it to the sea.


Rest in peace. HAHAHAHA!

Then, we see sunset there.

Then, we leave to Seremban Seafood Village for dinner.
Expensive dinner but we enjoy a lot.

Thanks to you all friends,
for the transport provider, energy and strength, well treatment, caring.

Thanks to Waze.

Thanks to good weather so that we dont have to think for Plan B.

Thanks to the annoying chick as alarm.

Another trip ahead next year! :)

dont look down on this annoying chick,
it acts an important role in this trip.

It's noisy, but gave us much laughter in this trip.

It's noisy, but it wakes us up in the morning.
It's noisy, but it gave us signal that we know it's our gang but not outsider.

Much thankful,


HenRy LeE said...

aiyo why all ur guy friends so gay one? LOL jz kidding

Kellye Tan said...

I also dont know why they can be that gay. Hahahah.