Thursday, March 21, 2013

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I had a busy week. Since last week, until today. And yes! Finally tomorrow I can go for a trip like owyeah! Where I go? Melaka again and again. Because it's near and have lots of nice food! Especially in this hot weather, what I miss the most is the Durian Cendol. Wao! Kekekek.

These few days, I'm busy with working, keying in data for the office because I went off for doing other stuff. So the work are increasing where I need to finish it as soon as possible. Besides that, I wanted to join Nuffnang's Blogbuster and Churp Churp's LeeHom Getha Contest. And also planning the itinerary for Melaka trip, they were all due in such a pack time. 19th March, 20th March and 22nd March is the trip so how can I finish all of them?! With them and also with work? But, I joined all of them, like seriously unbelievable. I felt mad. LOL.

Half way of editing the flash for Nuffnang's Blogbuster, I wanted to give up and my sister told me not to. She said at least i try, I gain experience, I recall back the skills. Then, I'm motivated and continue. Although I felt pekcek during editing because of the music I cant add in and I dont know why, so end up I simply put a not-very-suitable song into it. Night, I sleep on my bed and I was thinking, yea, she's right. I knew those contest might be fail, but I gained experience and also the skills of Adobe Flash. Gosh, I did it! I settled all of them in time. To-do-list checked! :D

- Editing.....

- Submitted! :D

- #gethaleehom


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