Thursday, October 17, 2013

| R4ND0M | The Unfair World.

First of all, this post doesn't aim on anyone but it might be offensive
Just a way out for me to tell how I think and how I feel.

People always mumbling around saying that the world is unfair. Yes, we are born to live in the unfair world. Such as there are rich people, there are poor people, there are pretty girls, there are ugly girls, there are handsome boy, there are ugly boy, there are some people born to be tall, there are some people born to be short, there are some people born to be weak, there are people born to be healthy, there are people born to be handicap. But different people have different perception on this. What about your point of view?

I used to complain this unfair world. Especially when I work for PC Fairs, I tend to be unhappy because of my low self esteem. I'm lack of confident. In PC Fair, I can observe different type of people such as people that very into reality (everything talk about sales and money), people who went there for the purpose of satisfaction and so on.

As we all know, PC Fairs always hire models and sales promoter. That is common. When I was working, I always see a lot of people tend to be friend with pretty ladies. For promoters, the bosses would always take good care of those who can sell a lot. I understand, it's their job scope. Who don't like hardworking/useful workers? The unfair for me is that I'm short, I'm round, I'm dark, I'm not good in communicating skills. Why do other people have pretty face, slim body shape, fair skin color? And, even though they are not good in communication skills, but there are always a lot of people approach to them automatically. And because of that, because they are pretty, they build relationship easily, they have broad connection of circles, they get higher paid with easy jobs, people tend to judge them as positive personalities (kind). What about the dark and the fat? People tend to judge them as negative personalities (dirty, lazy). Unless the people know you well, be true to you.

I don't really know how to communicate, I admit that I'm a close topic person (How are you? Oh, fine............ bird's flying on the sky), I am a shy person, I am a person with low-self esteem. I easily think that people dislike me. Because my skin color, because my face (quite a number of people says that my face don't seems to be friendly). Why is the world so unfair? No matter how many pieces of mask I apply on my face, no matter how many bottles of lotion I apply on my skin, no matter how many lifting face moisturizer I used on my face, I'm born to be tan color, that is what I can't change. I'm born to have a round shape face, that is what I can't change. Plus I'm lack of communication skill, I have limited friends, I have limited circles, I have limited jobs with limited pay.

People who born to be common/ugly, can be simply scolded by people. People who born to be pretty/handsome, will be automatically attract people comes to them and treat them well. If there is a voting competition, pretty girls guarantee get more votes compare to the common girl (unless she's good in relationship). If you don't know both of them, who will you vote for? The pretty one or the common one? If there are 2 girls drop their documents on the floor, in a mess, one with long jeans, jacket and another with short and singlet, who will you walk towards to? If you go to a club, a girl who dance around, kiss around and a girl who just simply stick with her friend, don't dance around, who will you go for? You have the answer, don't have to tell me. It define what type of people you are. A person who willingly to help, a person who mind the beauty and ugly, a person who want to have sex, a person who want to make a friend with anyone, a person who want to get benefit, a person who true to every person.

The globe is turning round and round, there is a lot of things happen in the world everyday. Same thing goes to unfair, there are a lot of unfair thing happens everyday. Some can be change, some cannot be change. For things we cannot change, we dream about it. By dream about it, we get satisfaction. Maybe I choose not to know much about the reality of the world, I don't wanna know how cruel and how mean the reality is.

The world is unfair, so do the people is blind. 

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