Monday, November 4, 2013

| 04112013 | * Mid Term Break!

Hello guys!
It's been about a month.
Was busying with lots and lots of assignment because this semester we're taking lots of practical subjects. So everything have to shoot, have to draw, cut, paste, edit and not writing assignment. 

So it's actually very busy compare to sitting in front of a computer just to type our assignment out.
Yet, I like practical because its more fun and experience more thing!

Today imma share photos that we shoot for our music video!
I don't wanna show about rushing other assignments because our face tired until cannot see!
Hahahah. Only we shoot for our MV, we make up and wear like a human.







Nahhhh, show you all when we're not with make up laaa.
But not clear one ahh.
Can see then see lor, cannot see then dowan see lor.

Besides, we also never forget to find our way out of stress!
Such as eating nice food.
Although still in Subang area, but better than nothing :)
We also play around in the restaurant :D

After a week of assignment due dates, another week comes again.
Our face pop out pimples and so on.
We are crazily busy!
And finally, we are having our mid term break now :D
Luckily we have no mid term this semester, thanks God!
I can have one week holiday, wheee! :D


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