Saturday, October 12, 2013

| 12102013 | * Fun! :D

Saturday, what's ya plan?

I was happy yesterday because it's Friday! I almost forget I have class today -.-"
Yeaaaa, so I went to my class this morning - The Korean Class.
Have our assignment 2 already, it due next week but I think I'm not going to class because my graduation is on next week! Wheeee.

So yea, 1pm class end. Thanks to Tiffany! Accompanied me to had my lunch in university.
Back to home, play with my doggie for an hour.
I actually dont know why I can play so long with her.
It's rainy day, so it's very nice to sleep.
She even sleep on my hand....
Uhhh, well that's cute. Cause she's not that quiet usually.
So today I gave her extra junk food :D

I went into my room and surf the net for little while, then I saw her sleeping already.

Then, I also take my nap because tonight I'm going out to have dinner with my loves.
Hometown Steamboat again! In Kota Damansara.
Wheeeee, my favorite! Kekeke.

Then, second round in Meeples.
Thanks to KokMing, because of his 死缠烂打, we enter Meeples.
And we realize that it was so damn fun!
Kinda pricey but... It's a fun and nice place to hang out. 
Yea, I'm addict. 
I keep thinking about their games right now, wahaha.

We play until around 1am only go home. 
KaiJin keep complaining that he's sleepy, but he's the one damn hyper there.
Hahaha, we shall come here often.

Good Night all! Loves, kell.

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