Saturday, October 5, 2013

| 06102013 | * Further Education?

Long time no see *wave hand*

Anyone still reading my blog?
Because I do not have time to update my blog, I guess my readers gone. HOMAIGAWD.

WELL, frankly speaking, I spent like 10 minutes to wrote that 2 sentences above. I think I've lost the ability to blog T.T Usually I can just log in my blog and straight away dik dik dak dak and type like a boss. Cant believe that I need to think of what I need to type for now. Argh!

OKAY -.- 
I'm just gonna slightly update about my day of this Saturday.
Still good, I have no assignment to rush yet. I'm still able to rest well without stress.
I have morning korean class in the university. Well, I enjoy the moment.

Class end, I had my brunch with Chelsea and Chian in Face to Face Taylor's. This is the second time we spend our meal there and still, so unsatisfied. The food is still not as good as SS15 branch.

Then, we sent Chelsea to LCCT because she's flying back to Penang which is her hometown. After that, me and Chian went to KLCC for UK Education Fair. Wooo, thanks for the information anyway. You are the one who told me there is such exhibition exist today! We went to the fair and asked for certain information about the universities. Not clearly enough but at least an idea for me. 

Besides, we actually wanted to enter to Beauty Expo as well, but we have to paid RM10 for the visitor pass. I can pay for that, but at the same time, I was thinking that I wouldn't buy something. I feel like go in and look around and that's it. So we decided not to take part for that. We headed back to Subang and had Jojo Pan Mee again. Hahah, I love Pan Mee! Had a great day with the sick cat Chian, get well soon yar babe!

About 715pm, we left and back to our own house. I spent a few hours sitting in front of my laptop and being slack. After that, I play with my puppy for about 45 minutes and sit down to talked to my mum about the university, trying to discuss with her. But for now everything still unclear. But for what I know is that their intake is either on January which is so damn very soon, or September which is another year. Basically I guess I'm more prefer to September. The most thing I hope is that I had a friend can go with me T.T I think I must use The Secret Theory. Ahhh, so badly.

Guys, I'm leaving for a year T.T Please miss me T.T Hahaha!
Well, If I have a friend to go with me, I probably get excited for that.
If I have no friend to go with me, I actually dont feel excited at all -.-
I dont wanna be a loner, teehee!


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