Monday, October 14, 2013

| 14102013 | * BBQ & Celebration for HuiLin.

We were invited to HuiLin's house to have BBQ Party. Actually plan to not attend any event this week because I really have lots of assignment to do :'( I feel so pack and running out of time. But 2 more days to her 21st birthday. As a best friend, of course I have to go and assignment put it aside.

I actually have class until 8pm and then straight away fly to her house. But my lecturer not feeling and class cancelled. So I'm able to leave early. KaiJin came my university to pick me up and met PuiYi and pick KokMing up, then we went to HuiLin's house.

We started setting up the BBQ and start BBQ-ing! Wheeeee. All of us were starving. But still a lot of food for us such as chicken wing, meatballs, sausage, bacon, marshmallow and so on. Thanks to HuiLin and her family for preparing such an amazing event.

No doubt, BBQ is hot and I'm sleepy. So I actually went to her living room and take a rest there. Sitting there with PuiYi. I feel like sleeping............ PuiYi stopped me from sleeping and pull me back to BBQ. After a moment, we prepared cake for her, tadaaa!

Then, here comes the war begin. They started to play with mayonnaise, and butter. Oh my that is oily to the max! Luckily girls doesn't get attack. Teehee.

We run here and there to escape from being attack. The road is wide and safe :D

Thanks to HuiLin, sponsored her Clinique Face Cleanser for the boys to wash their oily face.

Then, it's about 1am. They started to pack up and clean the floor. Photo session passed and left. Good Night!

Do we look alike? Hahah, PingKee and me.

- Happy Birthday HuiLin!

- HuiLin, Schumann and KaiJin.

Introducing you all -  my lovely family 

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