Friday, August 17, 2012

| Ze Updates | * Korea Trip 09082012-17082012.

A last minute decision of travelling in Korea together with mua sixta and ling.
It's the very first time to travel with friends because my ling too in love with me, then she wanted to follow me there so badly, hahaha!
Nolahh, it's also her very first time to travel and its with me! Teehee.

Actually me and mua sixta planned to travel to Korea on June but due to the reason of taking care my grandmother, we actually cancel it. But last minute, we are able to plan it over again. 

Well, I'm not able to remember what has happened all the time, so I will only briefly talk about the trip in Korea, the rest will be shown in pictures.

WARNING, this post will be super duper long :D


- In LCCT.

- Meal on plane.

- Waiting for bus.

- Ling and me.

- In the bus.

- The restaurant, their signature of it.

- Meal.

- Cider.

- Mask we bought in not even half day.

- Room we stay.

- Super duper hyper delicious BBQ Restaurant in MyeongDong.

- Wanted to buy this so badly but its too expensive for me.

- DRAGON Spa and Sports, people inside were cloth-less, must experience it!


Had our breakfast in a toast store nearby.
Then, took ITX and ferry to Nami Island and see the trees. There is the place where Winter Sonata shoot.

- Able to make up today :)

-Hobong, the store's name. And the toast is super duper nice!

- Everybody looks happy with that meal.

- On ITX.

- Welcome to Nami Island.

- Taking photos.

- Restaurant.

- Meal.

You need to wear the glove and shake it before open the cover. Shake evenly and tadaaa! 
Although it looks messy but still nice to eat :D

- Wrote a footprint with the name of YongHwa on the wall.

- Tadaaa! CN Blue's T.G.I. Friday's advertisement. 


Shifted our hotel to IPS Lounge, it is small.
We ate toast at Hobong store as our breakfast again. 
Then we go for a walk which is a place have 8 different view,
but we only manage to walk 4 because it is really tiring, haha.

- There are people taking pictures, wedding pictures? :D

- If you see this on the floor means you came to the correct place.

- Thee view.

- Coffee shop for a tea.

Then, we went for dinner. Porridge, after that went for JUMP! A live show in the cinema.

- Meal.

- Cinema and ze tickets.


Rain since morning, what a bad weather :( Our plan for today is actually shopping weih.
Met sister's friend, Elley, she's a korean. We had lunch together in MyeongDong.

- Meal.

- Elley and mua sixta.

- Us.

- In LRT station.

Night time, we had our dinner in MyeongDong, Woori Garden.
We saw the advertisement and feel to try it.
We went there and their service is good, yet expensive.
And their food is so so only.


Wake up at 6am because we need to go to GIMPO Airport, ready fly to Jeju Island for 3 days.
Checked in EJ Hotel, nice and full equipment.

- Me and mus sixta.

- Car that we rent.

- Restaurant.

- Meal.

- Bought a lot of noodles cup from supermarket. 


Due to the reason of rainy day, our plan ruined and we went to the indoors place.
We went to Trick Art Museum to see something play with arts and 3D.

- Their GPS is very accurate.

Then, we went to Teddy Bear Museum and everything is about teddy bear.
PuiYi is being a crazy women over there because she love teddy bear so much.

Hungry time! Our stomach start making noise.
Went to seaside for dinner.
Jeju is an Island, so we're eating seafood for dinner!

- Restaurant.

- The very very super extremely awesome seafood dinner! The abalone still moving while we're cooking.

Then, we went to a place called Mysterious Road.
It is a place where the road is oblique, it's actually going up slope but you put your gear to FREE GEAR, which is N, usually your vehicle will move backwards. But on this road, your vehicle will goes front just like D gear. How mysterious?

Last 2 stop of the day, Sex Museum.
Ehem, obscene image below.
18 SX.


Climb mountain early in the morning, we need to be early or else there will be crowded because a lot of people travel over there. Ahhh, exercise without breakfast.
Although half way I feel like wanted to give up, but still, I manage to climb to the highest point of mountain.
Yet, I'm not regret. If I never climb to the highest point of mountain, then I'll regret. Regret of missing such a beautiful view in Jeju Island.

- Success! Such a nice view huh? :D

Then, seafood as our meal again!

- Restaurant.

- Delicious meal.

Next stop, O'sulloc Tea Museum.
But nothing much to see there.
We only stayed there for less than an hour.

Then, went to Glass Castle. All the things were made from glass.

-Mirror Maze.

- But we're taking pictures with the mirror, haha!

- Made from glass.

- Throw the coin, make a wish.

- Indoor mirror syok sendiri picture.

Night time, we went to Lotte Mart to buy souvenir for friends,
and also, we watch movie over there.
Tadaa! Step Up Revolution!
Speaking english with korean subtitles. Teehee.

- The Tickets.

After eating the snacks in cinema, audience need to throw their own rubbish in plastic bag they place near to the seat. Keep the environment clean :D


Woke up early in the morning at 5am. To return car and to go to GIMPO Airport. We are ready to back to Seoul yo!
Ahh, tiring face. And souvenir, we've bought too much because we too in love with our friends. We are being too kind. We upgraded our luggage bag from 20kg to 30kg PER PERSON. WTH. This is scary, really. And we need to call for JUMBO TAXI which is Limousine. Yesh, we won. LOL.

Checked in Vogue Hotel in Sinchon, Seoul.
The hotel is big and nice! Woots.

Then, we go for our meal.

- Long Q.

- The famous Ginseng Chicken with small amount of polished glutinous rice inside.

- Clean clean, even the bone. Haha!

Then, back to MyeongDong continue shopping and had the BBQ as dinner again before we leave.
Back to hotel after that, and pack our bags.
It's too much of things, we packed until 2am then only go to bed.


Woke up at 11am, went for supermarket and had our meal.
The last of Toboki in Korea and their Udon.
Then, for a short walk and back to the hotel.
145pm, a big van reached hotel and sent us to Incheon Airport.

Leaving Seoul, leaving Korea.
Back to Kuala Lumpur, back to Malaysia.
Miss your food, and miss your people over there.
Will be back again, Korea.

Click HERE and HERE for more photos.

Thank you, kell.