Sunday, August 5, 2012

| 05082012 | * Dinner with Grandmother.

Hey, I'm still sick. But I make up to make myself look better, teehee! I wanted to be pretty laydeh! Kakakaka. 

Well, because my grandmother is weak and unwell, but she is getting better already as we can see the difference from the past until now. She can move herself and do what she want except for walking, she still need wheelchair. And a special wheelchair for her, that she can sleep, my uncle is too smart to modify! Woots. Plus a big car, Toyota Innova, we could deliver her from a place to another place for dinner. She's always staying at home, in the room and facing the tables, the window and the bed, she is boring. So sometimes we would bring her out for dinner or lunch. Perhaps its tiring, and needed a lot of people to help out, but we willing to. We need to be thankful that they are still beside us, be with us. Right? :)

Love, kell.

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