Wednesday, August 29, 2012

| 29082012 | * Work Day III.

It's the last day of working, and the first day of going college.
I've been skipping class once or twice I cant remember, 
because of working.

Yea, it's last day of working and I should be happy.
And also I'm going to college, I should be happy.
Yet, I'm not.
Maybe I'm feeling stress.

The subject that I took I was totally cannot understand.
The lecturer looks strict,
she doesnt allow to touch out handphones in class.
And I late for class today, I am very very very nervous.
I decided to drop this subject like seriously.
Because it's elective subject.

I called ling and ask her for dinner in Tasty Pot.
I'm very stress, I wanna cry.

Still not enough, I still dont wanna go home.
I am still stress.
We both went to Setia Walk Puchong, Ding Tea to chill ourselves.

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