Sunday, August 26, 2012

| 26082012 | * Happy Birthday Ling! ♥

Happy BIG DAY to my beloved ling, PuiYi!
It's her birthday today and I've got something to do,
so I couldnt manage to celebrate or do anything for her.
Hope she will use the gift this year,
not like last year the gift can throw away already T-T

*blink blink eye*
We know each other for 6 years,
WOAH! come on, shout with me.

We've gone through thousands and millions of obstacles.
We've skipped class, we've did something crazy, we shout, we cry, we laugh and even we argue.
Our friendship last very long and I'm afraid to lose it, I dont wanna to lose it.
You are part of my life, not to say everything but almost there!

Let's think, who guide me direction? who buy me soup when i'm rushing assignment?
who accompany me eat when i'm alone? who shopping with me when i'm boring?
who work with me when i'm not willing to work myself?
who accompany me and wait for me finish working when i'm working alone in supermarket?
who come out study with me, accompany me when i wanted to blog or study outside?
who watch midnight movie with me when i've a random mood to watch?
who hold my hand when i dont know how to walk across the road?
who is the one who playing with me until 5am and not going to bed?
who is the one who cry with me when i cant be one of the committee in LM?
who called my supervisor and tell him i'm sick and skip from work?

It's never end and still counting.
You are part of my life.
And I'm leaving to UK for education in another few more years.
I'm gonna miss you a lot, i looks independent,
but actually i'm rely on you too much, over than that.
Really love you so much, Happy Birthday, my beloved ling 


Love, kell.

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