Sunday, February 19, 2017

Burger & Lobster, Malaysia: Pre-Valentine's Celebration

I'ts been a loooong time, since the last post, it was March 2016.
😮 almost a year....

Well, this post is gonna be...
*drum rolling....*
Burger & Lobster, Malaysia!

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and we all know most of the restaurants will come out with Valentine's Set kinda meal. And it cost like above RM150 with a few thin slices of meat which will not make you full anyway.
For us, it's not a wise choice to celebrate Valentine's Day on the exact day, we usually celebrate few days earlier.

This year, it's not just both of us. We celebrate it together with our friends!
To the couples, I wishing you stay sweet and happy!
To the single, you will find your Mr and Mrs. Right very soon and be happy because we are altogether, you guys know I love every one of you 💗
Cheers, for our friendship!

Compare with Burger & Lobster in London, there are more options in Malaysia.
There are only 3 options in England whereas there are 9 options here in Malaysia!
Some of the flavors are specially made to suit the Malaysian's taste.

There are 2 price shown on the menu, the cheaper price is for Genting members whereas the expensive one is for non Genting members.
If you have the card where you can collect Genting points from casino or from some restaurants, yup, that's the card to get the cheaper price.

The environment is exactly same with London. 

Before the lobster served, we they gave us a plastic kind of napkin to tie on your neck, same goes to England.

- Schumann & KaiJin.

- PingKee & me.

I ordered the original steamed London and my bf ordered the original Lobster roll.
Well, the Asian thing, photographs before eating!
Hands off!

- The original steam lobster RM148 (with Genting member)

- The original lobster roll RM138 (with Genting member)

- The Asian... xD

- PingKee photo boom!

- Hui Lin

- PuiYi

In my opinion, the taste have slightly different compare to Burger & Lobster in London. The Lobster is fresh but the taste is a little bit different. My friends who tried for their first time, their comment was very nice and fresh. So I guess is good actually, just that I've tried the London one, and that's why  I will do comparison.

We spent almost an hour eating the lobster, and maybe because the table is too high, our shoulder feels tired while eating. 

The lobster were served with chips and salad, so damn full.

- #chsshitgroup

Next, few of them went to watch the Purple League, badminton match and left PingKee, HuiLin and me. We bought drinks at GongCha and chat for almost 2 hours, until their match finished.

We then left Genting at about 6.30pm and we saw Burger & Lobster had long queue. Luckily we went the early noon session at about 12pm where there are still empty seats.
They don't take reservations now, you can only walk in.
So, go earlier if you wish to have your meal there!

Once again,
Happy Valentine's Day!

Burger & Lobster Malaysia
Level 1, Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-6105 9186

Business Hour:
Sunday - Thursday: 11AM-10pm
Friday - Saturday: 11AM-12AM


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