Tuesday, March 22, 2016

| R4ND0M | * Tuesday Beauty Review

Hi there! It's been so long, how are you doing?
It's so happy that I could rest early today!
Well, not early anymore, it's 10.40PM now. 

I suppose to be at badminton court every Tuesday.
But, I had my badminton session last Tuesday and Wednesday and I came home late.
That feeling was so great, I sweat a lot and I sleep very well.
But, the next day I feel super high.
I hardly know what myself is doing, I was super tired.
I told myself I need to rest for the coming week.

My bf still stick with his weekly routine, his Tuesday badminton session.
Therefore I have my own sweet time to rest at home.
Of course, I don't just waste my time in that way?
My 'own sweet time' refers to my beauty moment.
Also, introducing you some beauty products.
Don't worry, it's not an advertorial post,
it's all based on my personal review.

Let's see...


- Oops, love note from my sister.

- Ze inside.

It's KOSE Hadakiwami Powder Wash which my sister brought it for me all the way from Japan. 
It's in powder form, and what you will need to do is drip a few drop of water and rub it, then the cleanser turns to bubble foam and you are ready to wash! 
It smells really good, just a light smell. 
One packet of this can use for 2 to 3 times (perhaps my face is too small?). 
It's convenient for people who travel!


Well, I've been using this for years. There are various of smell for this mask such as Rose, Avocado, Manuka Honey etc. 
Some of the smell are with white liquid (Avocado, Tofu) and some are transparent (Cucumber). For me, masks with white liquid is more sticky compared to the transparent one. So usually I'll buy cucumber, green tea, aloe vera, etc. 
But, don't buy Manuka Honey! It is very sticky, like seriously. I used twice and I really cant accept. I will need to wash up my face with water after I used. 


I knew this brand from Thailand. It has various smell, the reason I purchase lemongrass is because it feels like I am doing spa. It gave me relaxation. 
They do sell massage oils too, which my mom is using it. Massage oil with lemongrass smell is relax to the max. 
The texture of this body lotion is not very very soft, but it dry very quickly. 
As you just apply and push over, your skin will absorb it very quickly.
Then you will smell like a lemongrass, hahaha.

And that's my beauty routine today.
p/s: I don't skip my toner and serum. But that's my daily routine. Hence I didnt specially do a review on that. 

See you soon people!



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