Monday, September 29, 2014

| R4ND0M | * Week 3 Updates.

Hey ya!
It's been a few weeks staying in Newcastle, UK.
I started to get home sick :'(
I started to miss my home, my bed, my parents, my friends and my dog.

And also,
I started my class last week.
I found that it's kinda okay, I still can handle it, I guess?

The photo above is a very nice view from my university - Northumbria University.
The weather is kinda cold, colder than London, especially when there's wind blowing towards your face, you feel so cold!

And also, the lecturers given a few assessment to us already.
Although I'm taking only 3 subjects. But the assignment is extremely crazy.
Its either 2 assignment with 40 and 60 marks, or it will be only 1 assignment for 100 marks.
Seriously, I dont know how to do it.
I started to feel stress, my English speaking and grammar is bad here.
I dont really talk, because I was kinda shy and afraid of my mistakes.
But I promise, I will be strong and be more independent here.

In my flat, sometimes we will have dinner together with flat mates. 
But sometimes, we will cook our own food.
Yeap, It depends.


I will be here, searching for my dreams.
I believe that I could handle all the chaos comes to me and I believe I could manage my time and all the things very well.


Actually, I kinda know what I want, in my future, I know what I wanna be.
But for current, I don't think I can make it.
Everyone have a dream, am I right?
Perhaps I'm not passionate enough to chase on my dream.
But I will put more effort once I back in Malaysia!

Goodbye, see you soon!


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