Monday, September 15, 2014

| 14092014 | * How Are You?

Hellow :3

How are you?
I am doing fine in Newcastle, UK right now.

What have I been doing?

That's later. 
First, let me thanks to few people who sent me off at the airport.

Thanks to my beloved ling ling.

Thanks to my beloved Lin Lin.

Thanks to my beloved Ming Ming.

Thanks to my beloved Dabez Sha Sha.

Thanks to my beloved Boy KJ.

Truly, thanks to all of you.

I am also thanks to people who wanted to send me off, but due to the reason that I know I couldn't handle that separating situation, I will cry a lot, and I rejected. I am sorry, but I am really feeling thankful. Thanks to friends who gave me present/gifts before I leave. Scarf that can let me bring along to UK and use it when Im cold, photo album that mean a lot to me, and words, every sentence mean a lot to me. Thank you, people.

Thank you for sending me off even though you were packed and squeeze behind the seat.

Sorry for leaving for a year and thank you for your understanding and loving me so much.


Reached London at 6th of September 2014.

I managed to explore a few places such as










And then, on the 10th of September 2014, we moved to...

which is where I am staying right now until the end of the year.

Then, I go and buy my stuffs such as the pillow, duvet, fan, kettle and many more.

BIG THANKS to leng luii - LI YING a.k.a my opposite room/flatmate/neighbor teach me this and that, go to the city with me and help me carry stuffs.

TADAA, Rashiqah, leng luii and me.

And the very fail enrolment day since its a very long queue so we did give up.
The photo below is showing how excited I am while waiting to enrol.

Besides, we were also invited to attend to a party and get to know more friends there.
And, when there is a leader dancing ZUMBA, everybody follow, me too.
This is cool.

The rest of the time, I stayed in my hostel.
Drink tea/watch drama/Clash of Clans/Chatting/Cooking/Bitching


And so, I'm here now, with all my flatemates.
Thank you my dearest sister.

Take care.


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