Tuesday, August 19, 2014

| R4ND0M | * I Want Cuddle.

Have you ever think of leaving the one you loved?
Have you ever think of leaving the one you closed with?
Frankly, I NEVER.

People used to told me that I'm an independent individual.
No I dont agree with that, because it depends.

I might be independent when it comes to working as promoter,
I might be independent when it comes to eating alone in a restaurant.
But I'm not, when I have my family members with me, when my boyfriend with me and my close friends with me.
I am very, very rely on them.
Seriously, I could be so sick of missing my country home when I arrive UK.

I went to a Pre- Departure Briefing which held in KLCC last few days,
and I were told that spoon feeding does not works in UK.
At that moment, I am feeling so sucks.
My heart was seeking for help.

I understand I have to be independent when I'm in UK.
I understand I have to manage my time and studies well when I'm in UK.
But seriously, I am an easy stress person.
One small matter can cause me insomnia like shit.
I confirm I will be very nervous in the first few week.
I also believe that all people who are going to UK for final year were independent,
and their English grammar must be good. Besides, I also trust that some of them have friends.

Seriously, I am very worry.

I also worry for coming Wednesday that I will be going to KL for applying my VISA.
I really nervous about that which I dont know why.

Time is getting tight, I am not prepared.
I started to miss these people who turning around me all day.
I need a cuddle, really :'(

Sincerely thanks for all the farewell, iloveyou.


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