Saturday, May 23, 2015

| 23052015 | * A Day in Jesmond, UK.



Always heard about Jesmond but don't know where it is.
Finally, I went to Jesmond today!
Some of them said we could walk there, some of them said we could take a bus there and some of them said we could take a metro (tube).
Look at the map and still prefer to take a metro, lazy ass people, its too far to walk :P

We took metro (day saver ticket) at around 1.15pm, from Manor station to Monument station and then interchange to West Jesmond station. We could actually walk to Monument, but we're lazy ass :P

Jesmond is kind of residential places. Not as busy as Quayside, i guess?
Their houses plant with all kinds of beautiful flowers.
We then head to the town for our lunch.

Jam Jar Burger

88, Osborne Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
Tyne and Wear,
NE2 2AP, UK.
Tel: +441919087158

Really wanted to try their Jam Burger but I cant take beef so.. I had their Pulled Pork Sandwich.
I thought it will be sandwich bread but it's still burger, yay!
Craving for burger that moment, hehe!
My Pulled Pork Sandwich is really really good!
I really love that.
Really wish to go back again, sooo nice omg.
I would rate that 5 out of 5 omg its so nicee.
Feel hungry while blogging about this, hahaha.

- Ze menu.

- Cow vs Pig Burger for Janet.

- Ma Pulled Pork Sandwich.

- Jam Burger for Hannah.

Then, we hang around in Jesmond, passed Jesmond Dene Park, till the another entry of the park.
Then we went to the park for a walk, and photograph sessions.

- Hannah & Janet.

- Janet & me.

- Hannah & me.


Selfie with dandelion :D

- Us.

We almost lost in the park, it's like a hiking places, but for me it's a jungle. LOL.
We ask people for the way out from the park.
Then, we decided to have dinner in Jesmond.
We simply search through the internet and decided to try this Italian restaurant.

Scalini's Restaurant
61, Osborne Road, Jesmond,
Newcastle upon Tyne, 
Tyne and Wear, 
NE2 2AN, UK.
Tel: +441912407777

It's kinda crowded inside, the business is good tho.
But to be honest, my food is just so-so only, it's kinda tasteless for my carbonara. 
I thought it should be have heavier taste for that.
I would rate 2 out of 5 for that. 

- Marinara with linguini for Janet.

- Risotto salmon affumicato for Hannah

- Carbonara with linguini for me.

After dinner, we head back to metro station and back to Manor station.
At the same night, we have drinking gathering in our flat because Christine is leaving :(
We just chill and chit chat in the kitchen, together with Christine, Hannah, Jessi, LiYing & Janet.

Till midnight, they left and that's the end of ma blog post.
Take care Christine, see you around in KL!


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