Thursday, March 19, 2015

| R4ND0M | * Recent update?

Hellooo :3

Actually I should be vomiting my essay at this hour but.. lack of motivation.

Well, what to blog about today?
I realize that I seldom post my life in UK.
Look back to my previous post, what I blog when i'm in UK is about beauty reviews, trips, or like sum up of a few months. And most of the post is about what happened in Malaysia.
Aww I miss home.

But, time flies.
Soon, I'll back to my home!
In another 120 days *counting down*
I really can't wait to go home.
My family is there, my dog, my best friends and etc.
But of course, I will miss Newcastle too.
The weather, and the fashion here, heheh.

In Malaysia, if I wear boots, if I dye my hair in rainbow color, people will look at you in a very weird way.

I wanted to finish my study here quickly, I wanted to go home.
But at the same time, I dont want to.
This is because I'm entering another chapter of my life once I graduate.
It's time to work. Huhuhuuu.

Well, I think i'm kinda waste my opportunity to study here because I dont really go out.
I always go to class, go home, go to class, go home, assignment, eat at home, sleep.
I seldom mix around, maybe because my English is not that good, somehow I feel that nobody wants to talk to me because I'm slow to express my words. And, I'm not a person who love western food. 
That's why, I'm always cooking at home.
There's about 5 restaurants I've tried so far, seriously. 
I knowww rightttt.

But what I've gain is my skill of cooking, I've learnt to cook some different dishes from my friends.

But I still dont know how to use the oven, hahaha.
Well, I dont bake. Hahah.

So, update.. what happened recently?

I finally finished my last presentation in my education life.
I started my assignment and from day to night and from night to the next day, from sunrise to sunset and from sunset back to sunrise, from cloudy to foggy and from foggy to rain and back to cloudy.. hardcore-ing.
That's why I said I shouldn't be here blogging but vomiting words to my essay assignment.


I met my long lost friend - Hannah.
We're friend since I was in primary.
I knew her in a church. And... after secondary, we didnt contact each other at all, only in Facebook/Instagram.
And, small world. I saw her in Newcastle, on the street. And started to Facebook message.
And finally, meet up! After 10 years. Wohooo! 
And guess what, we study together in the library.
Last Saturday, I stay in library since 2pm to 5am, I eat nothing for the whole day except protein drinks and biscuits, and Hannah bring me noodle and fruit. Awww, so touched. Thanks so much girl x!


What i'm thinking recently?

I miss home, really.
Always thinking of my family members, including my dog, and of course my friends.
In the middle of night, I texted my mom and ask her take some photos of my dog, I almost forgot how my dog looks like. Hahahah.

Started to think where should we go, and what kind of nice food to introduce to my mom once they are here. Started to dream about them.

And, started to think where to eat with my friends, where should I go for trip once I back.
What I really think is quickly get all my assignments done.
Once I finish my assignment, means they are about to come here.
I really can't wait.

And, finally I can drive. Hahahaha.
Wanted to join gym when I'm back, wanna exercise.
Never exercise here at all :/
And, wanna go for volunteer in Animal Welfare Society with my friend.

So much plan, but first, gotta finish all my assignment first :/

Alright, I guess that's all for my update? (:


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