Sunday, February 15, 2015

| 14022015 | * V's Day.

Valentine's Day.
It's a so normal day for me in this year.
Well, I really hate long distance relationship.

Last few days, it's me and my bf's 13th monthsary.
But recently, he seems busy.
We chat less, and we dont Skype.
Recall back last time when I just came here, we Wechat, we Skype.
But now everything seems so bored. 
We only chat in Whatsapp, and because of that 8 hours difference, we might just text for few sentences.
I really miss those moments.

This year Valentine's Day, I'm unhappy.
I cried, I went out to shop, I spend money on whatsoever to make myself happy.
I don't see Facebook, I don't wanna see people's couple picture, I don't wanna see gifts, flowers etc.

As something that we've made our promise, but it's not a promise.
It's just a simple answer to make me feel happy.
"Yes, of course", "Sure" etc.

Screw the promises. 
I dare not to expect more. 
Somehow, I choose not to believe. 

Instead of making myself looks silly, I should think rationally every sentences that told.

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