Tuesday, January 7, 2014

| 07012014 | * Fireworks.

Countdown in 22 days, and I'm turning into 22 years old.
Sounds so old, like an auntie.
So you can call me auntie instead of jiejie already.

OMG time flies like seriously.
I'm gonna tell people that i'm 22 and i'm gonna fill in whatever forms saying that im in age 22.
Is this cool?
Is this a cool year for me?
Hopefully give me a YES, please.

What have you see throughout these years,
what have you gone through these years,
what have you explore throughout these years,
it's a growing up process.

Birthday is coming soon, what should I wish for?
No idea.
But I wish that i'm not passing my birthday alone.
I mean, single.
Where's my Mr.Right?
If there is, how can I confirm that you are the one?

This year's birthday I cant even sure am I free to celebrate due to the reason of doing internship.
And I'm going to overseas for Chinese New Year, wheeee!
And I'm more looking forward to Chinese New Year trip and house visiting :D
I love groups of friends around, have fun together.
I hate being alone :(

“ 我的心情今天已換了季 天邊出現彩虹
像是笑著告訴我愛到最後是寬容 ” 
—— 烟火,光良

I wanna be happy girl :D


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