Saturday, January 4, 2014

| 04012013 | * Fulfill It!

Starting on the 1st of January, I kept on going out until late at night only I go home.
My room is just like a hotel room for me, nowadays.
Because I cant accept the truth of starting my internship, I keep asking my friends out until their parents hates me. LOL.
I'm so sorry aunty and uncle, I kidnapped you children to cure my loneliness.

I'm really explore around with unfamiliar places with a bunch of friends.
I pump my car petrol like nobody's business because I just wanna get out from my house.

1st of Jan
Pokemon Noodle House w/HuiLin, PuiYi, HuiLin, PingKee, Schumann (Kepong)
AEON movie w/KaiJin (Kepong)
Restoran Damansara Hokkien Mee w/HuiLin, KokMing, Alvin, KaiJin, Schumann (PJ)
Schumann's House for drinking w/HuiLin, PuiYi, TeckSeang, KokMing, Alvin, KaiJin, WenHui (PJ)

2nd of Jan
Car Servicing (Puchong)
The Curve for movie w/Winston

3rd of Jan
Genting Casino w/Schumann, PuiYi, KaiJin, Alvin
Happy City Steamboat w/Schumann, PingKee, PuiYi, Alvin (Kepong)

4th of Jan
IOI Mall movie w/JasonGoh (Puchong)
Happy City Steamboat w/Schumann, PingKee, Alvin, KokMing (Kepong)

I'm spending my money like a boss.

Okay, imma thinking how to fulfill my Sunday tomorrow and gonna start internship on Monday!



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