Saturday, June 22, 2013

| 22062013 | * Busy with Assignments.

Just a random update here, cant see my blog for being quiet.
This is the most recent look which is today!

My hair is getting longer, my fringe is getting longer, too.
Eye bags become heavier and dark circle's become darker. 
Condition of my face become worst and dry.
Yup, that's my recent look.

I got no time to sleep more,
I got no time to do mask.
I reach home late and I left the few hours for sleep.
So I didnt waste my time.

And this is the photo after our group presentation.
Nahhhh, also, the tired look.
We go home and took nap after our presentation.
Very tired.

Even my first white hair grew.
I'm really old.

But next week is the last week for class and 3 more assignments to rush.
After that we're gonna study for finals.
That's crazy.
But after that I'll have holidays! YAY.

Good Night peeps, xoxo.

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