Thursday, June 13, 2013

| 13062013 | * Cheerful Day.

Hi, sawadeekap :D

I just came back from Thailand yesterday, and yea I just recover my sick yesterday.
Basically I sick for ONE day.
Thanks God, for curing me in such a speedy.
I sleep a lot yesterday, I didnt join any night session with them.
I only sleep in the hotel after dinner, I vomited there anyways.
And I vomit in hotel as well.
At the same time, I felt the care from my sister.
Awww, so sweet and so thankful for her.
She pack all the stuffs in hotel, she touched my forehead when she's awake, she put a wet handkerchief on my forehead....
So touched, ah!

And today, tadaaa!
I'm energetic. 
But still, my stomach dont feel well, I dont eat a lot today.

Today, I feel cheerful.
Maybe I have enough sleep, enough rest.
I nap yesterday from 7pm to 2am.
Yeaaaa I woke up at the very middle timing.
That's not a problem, the problem is I have to wake at 630am.
So? I had a bowl of porridge and continue sleeping.
I woke up at 5am and shower, start packing the bags,
and ready for school!

Although I had 2 same classes of the same lecturer/same subject,
and the problem is I dislike the lecturer.
But everything goes well today :D

Between the 2 classes, we have 4 hours break and we went for badminton!
Finally I can play badminton!
Yay! Last week I didnt join them because I having period that time and I dont like to move around.
Ahaha. Get sweat, feel so naiz.

Then back to class.
Then back to home.
Play with Baby and take shower.
Blog, and ready for nap! :D


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